Gozo Shioda

Master Gozo Shioda vs Mori Shihan Yoshinkan Aikido 

The application of Aiki in the techniques demonstrated by Gozo Shioda is analysed below. 


At a time of 01.06 Uke grabs Tori's wrist with a strong hold. With a strong hold, Uke's arm is in tension which pulls his body forward. Uke keeps his balance by pulling backwards using muscle torque about his joints, particularly about the ankle joint of his front foot. Tori induces Uke to apply Aiki by rapidly transferring his weight to Uke's hand, by lowering his body, which induces Uke to reverse the muscle torque about the ankle joint of his front foot to support the extra weight he is holding. Consequently, Uke becomes unbalanced to the front as he pulls himself forward with his arm.

The others techniques in this video use the same method of applying Aiki to unbalance Uke.