Katata Dori

The following videos show different methods of applying Aiki to initially unbalance Uke when he attacks using Katata Dori. Each method of applying Aiki is analysed.

Morihiro Saito Sensei. Katata Dori


Uke holds Tori's wrist. Tori steps to the side to push Uke's arm in the same direction. As Tori steps to the side, Uke momentarily relaxes his arm to allow him to realign his hips by applying a muscle torque about his right ankle joint so as to move his hips to the rear to resist the push in the sidewards direction by pulling back. The upward atemi to the face induces Uke to apply Aiki by reversing the muscle torque about his ankle joint in an attempt to move his head upwards to reduce the impact of the atemi. This action unbalances Uke as he pulls back.

Big Mistake! Stanley Pranin asks ....


In this video Tori extends his arm towards Uke as Uke steps forward to grab Tori's wrist. At the moment that Uke closes his grip on Tori's wrist, his leading foot has either just touched the ground or not yet touched the ground. At this moment, Tori induces Uke to apply Aiki by withdrawing/rotating his wrist. This action causes Uke to follow Tori's wrist by reversing the muscle torque about the ankle joint of his front foot. Consequently, Uke is unbalanced to the front by his forward momentum. 

This application of Aiki reverses the muscle torque about the ankle joint. The same technique demonstrated by Karsuyuki Kondo reverses the muscle torque about the foot joint due to the wrists being withdrawn after the front foot is firmly planted on the ground. In the latter case the wrists are kept closer to the body.

Aikijutsu Hiden


In this video at 9.26, Uke holds Tori's left wrist with his right arm. To unbalance Uke, Tori induces Uke to apply Aiki by applying pressure to a nerve in Uke's forearm using the bone at the base of his index finger of his right hand. This action is illustrated in more detail at a time of 11.16. The pain created, by the pressure on the nerve, induces Uke to bend at the waist and also to bend his elbow. The latter causes Uke to pull with his right arm and the former unbalances Uke as he reverses the muscle torque about his waist joint as he pulls. Tori rotates his wrist to turn Uke's forearm upwards so that he can apply downward pressure to the nerve so that Uke bends at the waist to relieve the pressure.

The next technique at a time of 9.50 applies Aiki in a similar way.

Tony Annesi - Aiki Refinements 3


At a time of 05.20 Uke holds Tori's left wrist with his right arm. Tori induces Uke to apply Aiki by Tori transferring his weight onto his rear foot and lowering his body causing Uke to pull upwards as Tori steps to the side with his front foot. The action of Uke pulling upwards causes the muscle torque about the ankle joint of his right foot to be in the reverse direction to that required to balance the pulling reaction force due to Tori moving to the side, causing Uke to become unbalanced.