Muna Dori

The following videos show different methods of applying Aiki to initially unbalance Uke when he attacks using Muna Dori. Each method of applying Aiki is analysed. 

Morihiro Saito Sensei. Muna Dori 


In this video Uke grabs Tori's jacket. Tori steps to the side to push Uke's arm in the same direction. As Tori steps to the side, Uke momentarily relaxes his arm to allow him to realign his hips using the muscle torque about his right ankle joint so as to move his hips to the rear to resist the push in the sidewards direction by pulling back. The upward atemi to the face induces Uke to apply Aiki by reversing the muscle torque about his ankle joint (i.e. rotating it forwards and not backwards) in an attempt to move his head upwards to reduce the impact of the atemi. This action unbalances Uke as he pulls back.

Daito Ryu Hiden Mokuroku


In this video at a time of 16.10 Uke approaches from the rear and grabs the front of Tori's jacket. Tori responds by raising himself up, which induces Uke to push down by bending at the waist. Tori applies Aiki to unbalance Uke by throwing Uke to the front as Uke bends at the waist i.e. Uke has been induced to reverse the muscle torque about his waist joint, by pushing downwards, as he is pulled forward by Tori.

Tony Annesi - Aiki Refinements 3


At a time of 0.19 Uke grabs Tori's jacket with his left arm. Tori steps back with his right leg, which induces Uke to relax his left arm and bend forward at the waist to avoid becoming unbalanced. As Uke bends forward, Tori induces Uke to apply Aiki, by bending Uke's relaxed left arm which causes Uke to pull back. By Uke bending at the waist, as he pulls back, the muscle torque about the waist joint is moving in the reverse direction to that required to balance the reaction force due to pulling, causing him to become unbalanced.