Noriaki Inoue

Noriaki Inoue - Shin'ei Taido - Swariwaza & Tachiwaza

The application of Aiki in the Aikido techniques demonstrated by Noriaki Inoue is analysed below. 


From the time 03.37 to the end of the video Tori presents his lower arm/wrist to Uke. As Uke comes to grab the lower arm/wrist Tori induces Uke to apply Aiki by changing the position or angle of the lower arm/wrist. This induces Uke to follow the positional/angular change in Tori's lower arm/wrist by reversing the muscular torque about the ankle joint of his front foot causing him to become unbalanced to the front by his own forward momentum.

The above method of applying Aiki, to unbalance Uke, is also used in nearly all the techniques demonstrated from the time 01.27 to 03.37. For the sitting techniques prior to 01.27. the video footage has been clipped at the start of the technique thus preventing Aiki from being analysed.